Fantasia Series 2 Color Pack


12 Colors: Throwback Black (our darkest black), Heavy White (our thickest white), Sunglow, Scarlet, Grape, Ruby, Carrot, Mantis, Venetian Red, Texas Orange, Fuchsia, Holly Green

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Our inks are liquid based, with light-to-medium consistency. When using our time tested formulations, artists no longer need to overwork ink into the skin compared to our competitors pigments. Artists find that Fantasia inks also fade less over time. Fantasia inks are organic, non-toxic, vegan friendly, water based pigments, which are blended with isopropyl alcohol, witch hazel, and distilled water. Any of our colors may be thickened with glycerin, or thinned with isopropyl alcohol, rose water, distilled water, or witch hazel.

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